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Helpful Links

Emergency Clinics

C.A.R.E Veterinary Hospital 

Western Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Clinic 

Paramount 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital 

Trinity Hills 24 Hour Pet Hospital 

Calgary North Veterinary Hospital (Hours may vary) 

Fish Creek Veterinary Hospital (Hours may vary) 

District Animal Hospital and Urgent Care (8am - 8pm)


Wildlife Rescue 

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation 

Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society 


Pet Insurance 

Before signing up for pet insurance, you may be interested in reviewing the following website which compares some of Canada's most popular pet insurance companies: 


Pet Secure 

Pets Plus Us 


Reliable Animal Health Information

Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA)

Pet Health Network


Pet Poison Helpline (fees apply)

Veterinary Partner Veterinary Partner - VIN/


Independent Pet Food Advice 



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